Who We Are | Classic Equine

From the Ground Up

In 1994, a group of avid horsemen and horsewomen had a vision that began Classic Equine.  They saw a need for better protection and a greater selection of products geared more specifically to the performance horse. Now, 13 years later, the company is the leader in the market because they never stop improving their designs.

Classic Equine was founded in Granbury, Texas.  The employees knew there was a better way to build the boots that all competitors use.  So they set off on their quest, but they got off to a rocky start. Classic Equine’s Director of Marketing, Billie Bray, laughs when she looks back on their early years. She says they didn’t quite know what they were doing, but she knew it needed to be done. “We did everything the wrong way in 1994.”

After the first year, Classic Equine decided to bring everything from the ground-breaking research to the release of the finished product back in-house and start over.  Bray said, “Once we started to really focus and design our boots from scratch, we learned how to make a better product.”  Classic Equine employees handle it all.  They design, test and re-test, and don’t stop until the product functions exactly as it was designed to do. Bray noted that because they take the development stages so seriously, it could be more than a year from the time a new product is designed until it’s released on the market.

The People Behind Classic Equine

For the people who work at Classic Equine, building better boots is a seven-day a week job.  They’re always looking for new ways to design boots to fit horses better, give added protection, and comfort.  Because the company is made up of horse-people, they personally use all of the products they make.  They say working for the benefit of the horse is a passion they all share.

Classic Equine employees participate in NRHA, AQHA, NCHA events as well as barrel racing, team roping and trail riding.  They all work 40+ hours a week in departments from accounts payable, to marketing, to sales and manufacturing.  They spend their weekends and evenings showing, competing, caring for their horses, and enjoying their families.  All of the Classic Equine employees use their products and trust them on their own horses.

What makes Classic Equine unique is that the products they offer were all designed to be a real solution to a real life need in the horse industry. Bray stated confidently, “Every year we improve, we’re always improving and we’re not satisfied until it’s perfect.” 

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