2015 Milestone Moments

Part 1: Barrel Racing

As it is the first week of the New Year, we wanted to reflect back on 2015. In a four part series we are going to highlight the “Milestone Moments” of the many sports that Classic Equine is involved in, with the first being barrel racing.

Barrel racing has quickly become one of the fastest growing sports in the equine industry and the opportunity is seemingly endless. As we look back at 2015 it was a year of greats.

It started in January with the futurities/derbies in Arizona. Every January trainers and jockeys alike flock to the desert oasis to hopefully escape the winter cold and enter all the barrel races they can. The Classic Equine Futurity and Derby and The Greg Olson Futurity are a couple of the household names produced by BRN4D, who do an outstanding job producing these events.

Team Classic Equine member Jolene Montgomery swept the Classic Equine winning the futurity, the derby, and second and third place in the slot race. At the Greg Olson Futurity Ryann Pedone shined, winning the slot race and $20,000 on a single run.

Ryann Pedone at Classic Equine Futurity & Derby in Buckeye, Arizona


The futurities and derbies revolutionized the sport in the way that it provides a whole other sector in which to compete. From this expansion, the demand has risen for breeders and trainers allowing more career opportunities and increasing the value of the barrel horse itself.

Jolene WP
Jolene Montgomery, Classic Equine Futurity & Derby in Buckeye, Arizona

Moving on from the futurities to the other end of the spectrum, rodeo. RFD-TV’s The American once again was a headlining event in the sport and has blew the window of opportunity wide open. It has helped the jackpots and rodeos alike, growing participation in both. This event appeals to a wide spectrum of competitors with no age or gender limitations as well as having the one day event appeal to those who don’t want to hit the hot and dusty trail. Each year the qualifiers numbers have significantly grown and have provided a spotlight to the sport. Lisa Lockhart and Louie stole the show and won their second consecutive American title and now have been presented the chance at the Triple Crown and get to compete for a $1M purse.

Lisa Lockhart at RFD-TV’s The American

April usually means one thing for barrel racers, the Better Barrel Races (BBR) World Finals in Oklahoma City. This is one of the biggest events of the year and is also the official sanctioning body of RFD-TV’s The American. Leslie Willis and “Brookestone Forever” made a name for themselves winning the slot race. Renowned trainers/jockeys Jolene Montgomery and Jordan Briggs won 1st and second in the futurity and Kassie Mowry won reserve in the Open.

Of course we can not forget the world series of our sport, the National Finals Rodeo. This is the time of year everyone looks forward to. We had four qualifiers to the NFR: Lisa Lockhart, Sherry Cervi, Taylor Jacob, and Jana Bean. We are proud that these professionals trust our products and use them to compete on the sport’s largest stage. Every qualifier had a shining moment, but it was once again Lisa and Louie who proved their consistency paid off and they left Las Vegas with over $120,000 in winnings and a Reserve World Championship. Simultaneously in Oklahoma City was the Barrel Futurities of America 30th Annual World Championships. Jordan Briggs and “Frenchmans Future” concluded a very successful year with a Reserve Championship in the Futurity. Up and comer Jayci Byler won the BFA Youth Futurity Championship, she will be one to watch!

It was such an exciting year for the sport of barrel racing, we can’t wait to see what 2016 will have in store. We once again are so thankful for all of our professionals that represent Classic Equine and customers trusting our products.


Team Classic Equine Gear of Choice
Professional Leg Protection Saddle Pad


Bell Boots
Lisa Lockhart Legacy System & Polo Wraps 100% Grey Felt Alpaca/Mohair Blend Roper DyNo No-Turn
Jolene Montgomery CrossFit Boots – front & hind ESP Contoured Featheflex Straight Designer Line
Ryann Pedone Legacy System & Polo Wraps 100% Grey Felt Featheflex Straight DyNo No-Turn
Jordan Briggs CrossFit Boots – front & hind ESP or Zone Mohair Roper Designer Line
Kassie Mowry Legacy System – front & hind Zone Pad Sensorflex Fleece DyNo No-Turn
Sherry Cervi Legacy System & Polo Wraps 100% Grey Felt Featherflex Straight DyNo No-Turn
Taylor Jacob Polo Wraps – Front & Hind Zone Pad Alpaca/Mohair Blend Roper 3DX Bell Boots
Jana Bean Legacy System – front & hind ESP Straight Top Mohair Straight DyNo No-Turn
Leslie Willis CrossFit & Polo Wraps ESP Contoured Mohair Roper Designer Line
Britany Diaz Legacy System – front & hind 100% Grey Felt Mohair Straight DyNo No-Turn
Tammy Fischer Legacy System & Polo Wraps ESP Straight Top Featherflex Straight Designer Line
Kassidy Dennison Polo Wraps – Front & Hind BioFit Alpaca Roper 3DX Bell Boots


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