New 2016 Styles are Here!

New 2016 patterns now available in Classic Equine™ Leg Protection

Granbury, Texas (January 15, 2016) – Your favorite boots just received an upgrade. Classic Equine is proud to present four new styles of bell boots,  three new designer line styles of Polo Wraps, and two new designs in the Legacy boot.

No Turn DL bell boots are tested and proven to be tough, effective, and colorfast. They conform to the horse’s foot well, with just the right amount of flexibility and comfort. Look for Chocolate Tribal, Zebra Purple, and Purple Peacock for your newest designs. Also introduced is the Teal Dy-No Turn bell boot to match the new Legacy. These bold, bright designs offer the same protection and comfort with extra appeal.

Purple Peacock No Turn DL Turn bell boots paired with Steel Grey and Purple Peacock Polos

The three new designer Polo Wrap styles being introduced are the Chocolate Tribal, the Purple Peacock, and Steel Grey that was widely popular in 2015 when introduced in the Legacy boot. These Polo Wraps are made of 500 gram fleece and are wider than other polos providing more protection and saving you time and effort.

Purple Zebra No Turn DL Turns with Zebra ColorBurst Legacy Boot

And last, but definitely not least, the new styles in the Legacy boot are the Zebra with ColorBurst straps and the new solid in Teal! The Legacy System has the one and only Fetlock and Cradle System providing maximum protection to the fetlock while reinforcing the ligament structures providing support and safety for your equine partner.

Chocolate Tribal No Turn DL bell boot with new Teal Legacy boot

Classic Equine remains dedicated to providing the finest equipment available across all disciplines and levels of horsemanship. To check see what else is new for 2016, visit



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