New Year…New Legacy

January is one of our favorite times of the year, it’s a time for new beginnings, new goals and resolutions, and for Classic Equine… products!

Our mission has always been to provide you and your horse the most innovative and technologically advanced products to best aid in training and competing. The Legacy System has been our best supportive and protective boot on the market, and we have revamped it to make it better than ever.

The new Legacy2 in rich popular colors, including Cheetah

The new color-match binding offers a sleek look on your horse’s leg. We also made revisions to the patented cradle fetlock system by extending the Kevlar material to the base of the boot for increased durability and long-lasting protection. The Legacy2 closures are its most impressive feature, now flexible and offers a close improved fit, feel and application.

The Legacy2 uses Legacy’s original splint guard and rib for perfect alignment and aids in the prevention of crossfire and other injuries. The body is made of 100% virgin neoprene with maximum flexibility and is perforated to allow the leg to breathe and heat to escape. The bound edges help keep the boot close to your horse’s leg and keep the dirt and debris out.


Hailey Kinsel and “Sister” in the 3rd round of the WNFR setting a new arena record with a 13.11 using the Legacy System leg protection. Photo by Impulse Photography


Last but not least, we have new styles! The classy, neutral tone Caribou is a new addition to the line and the ever so popular Cheetah has made its way as a permanent color. No more limited edition!


Erich and Cory_10th rd
2018 PRCA World Champion Team Ropers Erich Rogers and Cory Petska both compete using the Legacy System leg protection. Photo by Impulse Photography.


One thing you can always be reassured of…we have you and your horse in mind. The new Legacy2 can be found at Classic Equine dealers nationwide. For more information please visit Cheers to 2018!

New Year, New Designer Line Travel Accessories!

The coming new year means new adventures! Adventures you will need to pack for. If you’re anything like we are, your equine counterparts and maybe a dog, travel the majority of those miles with you. Our Classic Equine Designer Line Travel Accessories and Totes are designed with your lifestyle and style in mind!

The newest Designer Line Patterns are Boot Stitch, Metallic Arrows, and Patchwork!

Metallic Arrows

The Necessity Tote is the perfect size bag to carry everything you need to the jackpot or the barn. Made of tough nylon with adjustable strap and hook for convenience. MSRP $41.99

The Boot Accessory Tote makes hauling leg protection easier than ever. The PVC mesh allows dirt to escape and has extra pockets of various sizes for cell phones, water bottles, and anything else you might need. MSRP $41.99

Boot Stitch

The Hanging Groom Case is designed with straps and buckles to go in the barn, your trailer, or wherever you need it to go! Ideal for grooming tools, sprays, boots, and more. MSRP $41.99.

One of our newest products, the Fan Bag, became a hit right away instantly solving the problem of how you are going to hang the fan in the stall in the heat! We are excited to announce we have expanded the selection of Fan Bags to Designer Line patterns! MSRP $19.99


The 2017 Top Load Hay Bags not only come in the three new Designer Line patterns but there are 3 entirely new colors: Check/Red, Check/Teal, and Hashtag/Chocolate. The new sheen look is sleek and is easier to keep clean! MSRP $41.99

Last but definitely not least, the Travel Accessories! All three totes come in Boot Stitch and Metallic Arrows.



The Weekender Duffel is designed with the equine competitor in mind! The large undercarriage department has mesh allowing dirt to escape making it perfect for boots and tennis shoes that have been worn at the arena! Also comes with complimentary full size folding makeup case! MSRP $59.99


The Large Tote and iPad Pack are perfect for all those things you need on the road but can’t seem to find room for! Plenty of room and organization, these are essential for the avid traveler! MSRP Large Tote $36.99, iPad Pack $41.99.

To find a dealer near you or more information on Classic Equine products, please visit our website!






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NEW 2017 Designer Line Leg Protection

It’s a new year, and that means the new and latest Classic Equine Designer Line Leg Protection has been released and is on its way to your favorite Classic Equine dealer! Let us help you give your horse the best protection and classic style. As always, Classic Equine products can be purchased from your local dealer. To find one near you please visit our Dealer Locator online!

MSRP $83.99

Grey Chevron is the newest Legacy Designer Line pattern. The Legacy System®‘s Fetlock Cradle System provides the maximum protection to the fetlock, while reinforcing the ligament structures.


NEW Grey Chevron, Pink Fusion, and Purple Feather No Turn DL™ Bell Boots. The No Turn Bell stands the test of durability as it’s constructed of 2520 denier DynoHyde™ material with a dense shock absorbing center and soft jersey lining all while being waterproof and stain resistant.


The newest Polo Wrap patterns Lime Twist, Turquoise Triangle, and Fuchsia Waves are sure to catch everyone’s eye! Made of 380 gram fleece, the Classic Equine Polo wraps are wider than any polo on the market as well as heavier and longer lasting. Packaged with 4 with laundry bag included!


New Looks for Fall!

Fall is among us, and with that we want to release our new Fall Designer Line! We have fresh designs for horses and riders alike releasing new patterns in Legacies and No Turn DL™ protection boots as well as new styles in our Travel Collection, Top Load Hay Bags, and Totes.

New Mint and Chocolate Teal Twist Legacy System

The Moroccan Designer Line brings a fresh palette of rich, vibrant hues of magenta, blues, and grays with eclectic patterns all together bringing a worldly feel perfect for travel gear for you or your horse!


Moroccan Designer Line Travel Collection

We are obsessed with the feather pattern that has rich fall colors with an earthy theme! Both new Designer Line Patterns come in the Travel Collection complete with the Large Tote, Weekender Duffel, and iPad Bag for riders. For our equine friends you can get the Top Load Hay Bag, Boot/Accessory Tote, and Necessity tote in the Feathers and Moroccan as well. They coordinate great with the Chocolate Teal Twist Legacy and No-Turn Designer Bell Boots. And do not forget our newest solid color –  Mint!


Feathers Designer Line Travel Collection

Last but not least, we have the new Grey Arrows and Pink Sweep No-Turn  Designer Line bell boots. They are the perfect combination of fun and flashy and will catch eyes where ever you go! Check with your local dealer to get your hands on the hottest trends for fall at

Pink Sweep and Grey Arrows No Turn DL bell boots


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Hannah Haugen

Public Relations Coordinator

The Birth of the Legacy

Legacy by one, specific definition is a gift of property. After the passing of French Flash Hawk aka “Bozo”, it is uncontested that he has his own estate in barrel racing history. This week’s episode on Racer’s Edge sparked the memory of how he was also a testament to what eventually became our Legacy System.


In 1996 the first Legacy splint boot was developed by us as a startup company, Classic Equine. Robby Wilson who worked on the first Legacy prototype and still does product research and development for Classic Equine today, wanted to develop a boot unlike anything on the market. Kristie Peterson and Bozo were an obvious choice to help test the first samples along with team ropers and several professionals from the cutting pen. Prior to Bozo wearing Legacy boots, ropers had been competing in the boot, and all loved it. None of the rope horses or cutting horses tested the boot’s limits like Bozo did. Kristie liked the boots, but sent the boots back in less than a month already torn up! Bozo had burnt holes in the hind boots because he got in the ground so hard. Robby and the development team knew that the boot needed to be revamped if it couldn’t withstand the rigors of the current World Champion. So it was back to the drawing board for the Classic Equine Legacy.

Kristie & Bozo – Greeley, CO ’98 Hubbell Photos
The next phases of research and development challenged what could be added to the back of the hind boots in order to make them tougher and durable enough to withstand the rodeo road. A contact was made to Dupont™ about their Kevlar® used in bullet proof vests for research on how it could be applied to the design. Positive feedback came from this relationship and Robby’s theory was applied to the exterior of the Legacy’s patented fetlock cradle system. It worked and from then on, the Legacy was deemed “tough enough for Bozo.”

Robby stated that, “Bozo was just cool- he was a great horse to test products and Kristie always had great feedback, and was very receptive. It is through our professionals  and their great horses that we are able to make our products meet the highest of expectations.”

Kristie & Bozo – Greeley, CO  ’98 Hubbell Photos
The Classic Equine Legacy System was made to work with the horse’s own natural support structures. The goal was to make a boot that supported the horse’s natural ability to stop, turn, and accelerate. The Legacy System reinforces these motions and provides protection to the critical structures of the leg by cradling the fetlock and providing suspensory support without inhibiting movement. Today, we appreciate the beginning of the Legacy’s legacy and how far it has come. Classic Equine is privileged by the amazing horses that have worn it for their careers, and to the current and future super stars competing in it today.


Legacy System

Hannah Haugen

Sherry Cervi West Coast Youth Championships

Memorial Day weekend marked the 8th annual Sherry Cervi West Coast Youth Championships in Ceres, CA. The concept of this unique event evolved from an idea of Sherry and longtime friends, Shane and Kim Parsons. The Parsons have hosted the event at their Diamond Bar Arena every year and the event has grown substantially with each year breaking an attendance record with 2016 being the largest with 400 entries. The barrel race has a family friendly and small town atmosphere with one of the best cook shacks (concession stands) around!


This event is exclusive to only youth barrel racers. There are two divisions, the 12 and under and the 13-17. The race is two rounds and is a 6D format. Cash and prizes were awarded each round as well as prizes in the average at the conclusion of the event.


Another special award given each year at the barrel race is a “Horse with Most Heart” award given to one special horse in each division. The two recipients this year were Maggie Sinclair and “Polka Dot” in the junior division, and Stevie Mae Scott and “Jettin On Jewels” in the senior division. Polka Dot is now a seven year old Appaloosa pony who was rescued from being tied to a stake in someone’s front yard when she was three years old. Maggie now 11 years old, is the sole trainer and handler of Polka Dot and competes on her in barrels, poles, and goat tying. She is the ultimate All- Around pony! Stevie Mae and “Julie” were entered last year in the Sherry Cervi West Coast Youth Championships, but had an unfortunate trip in their run resulting in a serious injury. Julie tore her suspensory ligaments which put her out an entire year. The team’s first run back was the same race this year. They ended up running the fastest second time!


Sponsors of this event have stepped up each year making it bigger and better than ever. 1st place in each D received a custom Crown C Martin saddle. Classic Equine has been a title sponsor since the inaugural event and an abundance of bell boots, Legacy boots, bags, and accessories were awarded. This is a first class event and Sherry and the team work hard and diligently to make it the best it can be. Sherry Cervi is always in attendance and takes a picture with every single contestant. To say this is a memorable event is an understatement and we will be back next year!


8th Annual Sherry Cervi West Coast Youth Championship 

Memorial Day marked the 8th annual Sherry Cervi West Coast Youth Championships barrel race in Ceres, CA. Four hundred competitors from as far as Texas came to compete. 

The format of the race is unique in the way there are two divisions; the junior 12 and under and the senior 13-17. It is a 6D barrel race with cash awarded in each D each round and prizes were awarded through 6th in the average in each D. 

The berth of this event stemmed from long time friends of the Potter’s and Sherry, Shane and Kim Parsons, who host the event at their arena, the Diamond Bar  Arena. Every year since the inaugural event there has been substantial growth in contestant numbers and sponsors. 

Additionally, two special awards given in each division at the West Coast Championships 

Designer Accessories For Spring

Limited Edition Prints Bring a Splash of Color

Classic Equine has a reputation for bringing inventive products to help you stay organized and efficient at the barn and on the road.

The Boot/Accessory Tote is designed to carry everything you need at an event conveniently in one bag. The Necessity, Hanging Groom Case, and Topload Hay Bag all hang on the fence, wall, or trailer door and help you with your daily chores. These handy accessories are now available in three new designs: Coral Knights, Chocolate Tribal, and Plum Daze. You can also choose the Topload Hay bag in Plaid Red.

The Large Tote was wildly popular last year, with enough space to keep you prepared for any situation. The Weekender Duffel is a convenient travel bag designed specifically for the equine traveler.

Don’t leave home without your IPad Pack, a handy sling-style backpack for carrying your electronics hands-free. These are available in Coral Knight, Hot Leaf, and Teal Diamond patterns.


Classic Equine strives to improve efficiency at the barn while keeping current with the hottest designs and colors. Don’t miss these new designs for 2016! You’re certain to find one that fits you, or get one of each. These prints display your fun side, while the accessories help you spend less time in preparation and more time in the saddle.

Classic Equine is committed to providing products that fit the equine enthusiast. To check out the new Designer Bags and accessories, or to see what else is new for 2016, visit

The $3M Cowgirl

Sherry Cervi made history Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at Rodeo Houston sweeping her Super Series, pocketing $9,000, and surpassing the $3 million dollar lifetime earnings milestone in Women’s Professional Rodeo on everyone’s favorite palomino mare, Stingray. This achievement officially makes her the winningest cowgirl in the history of the sport of barrel racing.

Cervi is no stranger to breaking records. In 2010 she surpassed the $2 million mark breaking Charmayne James earnings record of $1,842,506. We asked Sherry how it felt exceeding $3 million in earnings,

“This is really special to me because of where it happened, and because I was riding Stingray. I was close enough to it in 2015 that it could have happened at the NFR or any other rodeo. Rodeo Houston has always been special to me, so for Stingray and I to accomplish this at this point in our careers means a lot.”


action logo
Sherry and Stingray at 2012 National Finals Rodeo

Sherry Cervi credits much of her success to the horses she competed on.  She feels very fortunate to have rode greats such as Troubles, Tinman, Hawk, Dinero, and of course Stingray, to name a few. Sherry is a four time WPRA World Champion, qualified for the National Finals Rodeo 18 times, (only one trip away from tying the most qualifications record of 19), and she also held a previous arena record at the Thomas and Mack.  However, she shared with us that she says last night’s run at NRG Stadium is one of the greatest moments in her career.

logo 1


Sherry has competed in every sector of the barrel racing world, and has experienced as many obstacles as accomplishments shared,

“I’ve learned to never take the horses you have for granted because this sport is very humbling. I believe every horse has so many runs they can give you. I cherish every run; I try to make the most of every run. Never waste them, because you never know when they may run out.”

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She acknowledges her parents and family for her success as well as great friends and sponsors for helping to get her to this point of her career. Classic Equine has been a proud sponsor of Sherry since 2003.


New 2016 Styles are Here!

New 2016 patterns now available in Classic Equine™ Leg Protection

Granbury, Texas (January 15, 2016) – Your favorite boots just received an upgrade. Classic Equine is proud to present four new styles of bell boots,  three new designer line styles of Polo Wraps, and two new designs in the Legacy boot.

No Turn DL bell boots are tested and proven to be tough, effective, and colorfast. They conform to the horse’s foot well, with just the right amount of flexibility and comfort. Look for Chocolate Tribal, Zebra Purple, and Purple Peacock for your newest designs. Also introduced is the Teal Dy-No Turn bell boot to match the new Legacy. These bold, bright designs offer the same protection and comfort with extra appeal.

Purple Peacock No Turn DL Turn bell boots paired with Steel Grey and Purple Peacock Polos

The three new designer Polo Wrap styles being introduced are the Chocolate Tribal, the Purple Peacock, and Steel Grey that was widely popular in 2015 when introduced in the Legacy boot. These Polo Wraps are made of 500 gram fleece and are wider than other polos providing more protection and saving you time and effort.

Purple Zebra No Turn DL Turns with Zebra ColorBurst Legacy Boot

And last, but definitely not least, the new styles in the Legacy boot are the Zebra with ColorBurst straps and the new solid in Teal! The Legacy System has the one and only Fetlock and Cradle System providing maximum protection to the fetlock while reinforcing the ligament structures providing support and safety for your equine partner.

Chocolate Tribal No Turn DL bell boot with new Teal Legacy boot

Classic Equine remains dedicated to providing the finest equipment available across all disciplines and levels of horsemanship. To check see what else is new for 2016, visit